17 mei 2016

Nieuws over Zubin

Zubin, as you know, is a guy with multiple disabilities- epilepsy, behavioral problems and orthopedic disabilities.

He is on quite heavy medication for the first 2 conditions and doing well. His seizures are almost non-existent and with that medication for behavioral issues, he sleeps a lot. Is not so very bright presently. There is a tendency for him to fall often, he says I have no balance. To prevent the falls, we have started moving him on a wheelchair which is sad to see for a lively youngster like Zubin.

Getting some reassurance from me All smiles while leaving from the hospital


After medical interventions towards his well being, it has been suggested that he have surgery to correct his orthopedic disabilities- contracture in the knee.




It is to be a lazer surgery in one of the topmost hospitals which are generally accessible only to the very rich but a blessing form the heavens for us, this is not going to cost us anything- the hospital , nursing, medication and doctors fees as well.


We have decided to take this opportunity. Zubin will be admitted to the Jupiter hospital in Thane on Monday 9th May and the surgery is on 11th May. The doctor is Dr Taral Nagda, who along with his team, are referred to as super specialists because they have more specialties than one. In this case, neurological disorders and orthopedic disabilities. What is more Zubin is looking forward to this surgery, he doesn’t like his present state of health himself. That is great, his willingness and confidence.


Getting some reassurance from me

This is Umang special needs.

Warm Regards,


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